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Too many students go away to college or university without knowing what they are getting into. College is not just a next step, it's a complete life-change. Most students are on their own for the first time; school no longer has a consistent, daily schedule; homework levels have never been this high; and they're navigating a world without oversight and advice.

College is full of pitfalls and perils, even for the best students. Some of these pitfalls and perils are academic, but many aren't. U Ready is the total preparation solution for students entering college and university. We have the experience and knowledge to help prepare students for all of these potential problems.

U Ready, LLC—where the "U" means both "you" and "university"— was created to prepare students entering college for success, academically and otherwise, during school and beyond. U Ready gives students the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in the university environment.

Our background

Devotion to your success

Joshua ShefferOur founder, Joshua D. Sheffer, is passionate about colleges, students, and student success. Joshua graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI, before receiving his Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School. He then practiced law, primarily general civil litigation, for nearly 15 years, where he gained extensive experience in cases involving school violence and other college issues.

Joshua discovered his passion for teaching as an adjunct professor at Northwest Michigan College in Traverse City, MI. And he discovered the need for a complete preparedness solution for college students during his last five years of full-time private practice, where he was part of the School Violence Law team of Bode & Grenier, LLP (the School Violence Law team is now part of The Fierberg National Law Group). During that time, Joshua and the rest of the school violence team represented the victims, and families of victims, of all manner of school violence including hazing, sexual assault, and even school shootings. Joshua recently accepted his first appointment in full-time academia as an assistant professor at Grand Valley State University.