“Are you ready?!”

Although I had significant experience as an adjunct professor, making the switch to full-time academia was not easy. Believe it or not, there’s a lot to do. I have to prep for courses–trust me students, it takes more time for the professor to prep (at least the first few times they teach that certain course) […]

The other red zone.

It’s that time again. Kids will be moving back to campus soon. Then, a little while after they all move in, everything else starts happening all at once. Orientation. Classes start. On-campus clubs and activities start recruiting new members. Parties. Friendships begin to develop. Social patterns start forming. So much will be happening. For new […]

College’s Greatest Lie Exposed

There are enough real things in college to be stressed about, no one needs to be stressed over fake things. And no one needs to be stressed by the┬áLIES they are told in college. There is one very common, very damaging lie that affects too many┬ástudents. This lie gets to students in colleges in every […]