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Welcome to U Ready, LLC’s blog, we’re glad you’re here. 

The “U” in U Ready stands both for “you” and for “university” (or college but, let’s be honest, “C Ready” doesn’t sound nearly as cool). Really, we’re here to help U (you) be Ready for U (university).

We’ll regularly use this blog for all sorts of things. We’ll offer information and discounts about our products and services, get some guest posts on topics you might find interesting, and a bunch of other stuff. Mostly, though, it’ll be here to give you more tools, strategies, and information to help you (or those you love) achieve complete success at college.

Complete success means so much more than getting straight A’s, being captain of your chosen extracurricular team, or just being the Big Man (or Woman) on Campus; and what it means is different for each student. Yes, complete success will involve doing well academically; but it must also include having a happy and safe social life and going through some serious personal growth. U Ready strives to help each student define what his or her complete success looks like, and to give them the tools to achieve it.

Even though the details of complete success differ from student to student, there are many common challenges, and we at U Ready want to make sure that students are given the information and tools they need to conquer these challenges. Although we focus a lot on getting you or your student’s college career off on the right foot, we’re also concerned with finishing well. We’d like everyone to achieve their complete success, and are dedicated to providing the necessary resources.

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Remember this as you go through college: We’re here for you.

You got this.

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